Food adventure in Denver

Hi food friends, Carole Green here to deliver yet another stunning food adventure. This time I write to you from Denver, Colorado.


This past weekend I helped my friend Kelly, move from Portland to Denver. So it’s been a long weekend for me. We road tripped across a few states, which was really fun. I love traveling, sight seeing, and experiencing the culture of different states. Lucky for us, Kelly hired the best movers in Beaverton, which made the move kind of a breeze for us, since they trucked everything themselves. They helped unload everything into Kelly’s new home and left us to organize the rest. To my surprise it only took us a day and half to finish unboxing and organizing her new home. Since I still had a few left in Denver before my flight home, I figured it was a great opportunity to explore the city and update my food blog!

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More food adventures in the PDX

I love Portland

Hey how’s it going people, Carole Green here for more foodie blogging in the Portland area. This summer has been a beautiful yet hot one. I have taken a break from traveling this past month and have been working from home in Beaverton, OR. Lately I have been meeting up with one my child hood friends Mike, once a week in downtown Portland for lunch. Mike owns a real estate investment company downtown, Sell My House Fast Portland. Which gives him the advantage of staying in tune with what’s new in the food scene. Every time we meet for lunch he takes me somewhere I have never been to, so it’s always exciting for me.

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Seattle foodie


My list of favorite food in Seattle is always changing, because there are so many great places and so many new restaurants opening its doors every year that it makes my list of favorite foods endless. But today I have compiled a list of great places to eat, which have been around for a while and have earned their spots due to consistency of producing great food. You may not agree with everything on my list, but don’t keep your words to yourself, let me know. I love conversing about food and finding out which restaurants are on another’s list because that’s how I discover new places and taste new food.

  1. The Chocolate Box: First on our list is for my fellow chocolate lovers. Located in downtown Seattle, this place has the best chocolate and wine in the city. Feel free to visit and take free sample or better yet schedule for a chocolate making class or a chocolate and wine tasting tour.
  2. Pike Place Market: Pike Place MarketProbably the most popular on our list and where every great chef goes to buy fresh ingredients. If you are ever board Pike Place Market is a great way to kill a few hours or a day, browsing all of the wonderful foods, fresh vegetables, fruit and seafood, local clothing and trinkets. Start your day off at Le Panier, where they serve great breakfast croissants or get a cup of coffee at the first Star Bucks, have oysters for lunch at Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar, treat yourself to a little snack before dinner and order a dozen mini doughnuts from Daily Dozen Doughnuts, and if you still have room for more there are plenty of great places for dinner: The Pink Door, Matt’s in the Market, or Steelhead Diner.
  3. Farestart: Want delicious food and support a great cause at the same time? Farestart not only serves wonderful food, but every meal helps support job training programs. Open all week and don’t forget to make plans for dinner Thursday night (Guest Chef Night) when they serve three-course dinner.
  4. Walrus and the Carpenter: The wait at this place can be long, but it’s worth it. This critically acclaimed restaurant is known for its fresh oysters, fancy seafood, and fish and meat combo dishes.
  5. Westward: This is yet another seafood-centric restaurant, owned by Josh Henderson, owner of many famous restaurants and whose original stardom came from a none other but a food truck named Skillet.

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San Francisco top foods

Beautiful San Francisco

Our next food adventure takes us to San Francisco, only 49 square miles, but yet so many iconic foods have originated from this city. I have heard that sourdough bread and fortune cookies come from this city, but honestly I’m not too sure if that is true. Here is my list of favorite foods and drink or two that I had the pleasure of indulging when I was recently there. If you disagree with me don’t be afraid to let me know or give me suggestions on where to go next time. This is a point of view from a out sider looking in.

  1. Strawberry Manju at Benkyodo: The first on my list is not a dish but more like a dessert snack. Strawberry manju is hand made mochi with a whole strawberry incased in its dough. For those of you who don’t know mochi is rice dough with white bean paste. This snack is so simple, but yet so delicious. Benkyodo has been serving the good people of San Francisco since 1906. Directions: 1747 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94115
  2. Apple Fritter at Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop: Here is another delicious dessert snack to our list. Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop is this awesome 24 hour, old school doughnut shop. They had many tasty pastries and doughnuts, but hands down my favorite was the apple fritter, wasn’t too crispy nor soft and laced with the right amount of cinnamon and apple. Address: 1621 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  3. Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Café: I know you can get Irish coffee in almost any restaurant, but hands down this was the best Irish coffee I have ever tasted. For those of who don’t know Irish coffee is coffee obviously, mixed with Irish whiskey and topped with whip cream. Address: 2765 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94109
  4. Carne Asada Super Burrito at Taqueria El Farolito: Fourth on our list we have one of the best burritos I have ever had. Warning, you might be waiting in line for 30 minutes for one of these bad boys, but it’s worth it! Farolito’s is open late nights, which is the best time to devour this huge, messy, greasy, carne asada (Spanish for steak) super burrito. Address: 2779 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110
  5. Prime Rib at House of Prime Rib: No one can resist this big hunk, juicy, carved from the cart prime rib at House of Prime Rib. Served with a large scoop of creamed spinach, soaking in au jus, and Yorkshire pudding on the side is like the cherry on top. 1906 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109

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Some Portland Local Favorites

Portland Food

All it takes for a restaurant to achieve regulars or religious followers is one dish or two. One dish that catches the eye and taste buds of everyone who comes in contact of it. Here is one list of the many foods I enjoy in Portland, Oregon. If you are a guest here in Portland for the week I highly recommend you add these foods on your bucker list. Some of these foods are very iconic in Portland and some even may even claim they’re what makes the world go around.

  1. Clam Chowder at OX: Ox, restaurant and bar is known for its Argentinian inspired wood fired grilled meats, but their clam chowder, garnished with a roasted marrow bone, has been the talk of the town. Address:2225 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
  2. Pizza Amore at Apizza Scholls: Every city has billions of Pizza joints. So it makes it hard for some pizza restaurants to stand out. Thats why when you find one it becomes special. To me Apizza Scholls, is the golden standard when it comes to pizza. I have to admit that my long standing favorite was the Margherita pizza topped with mozzarella and thin sliced tomatos, but through some capicollo and you’ll find out why they call it Pizza Amore. Address: 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215
  3. Crispy pig ear at Aviary: Aviary is  popular around town for pushing the limits of delicious food. One of their well known dishes will make vegans cringe. Crispy pig ear served with coconut rice and Chinese sausage. Address: 733 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211
  4. Fried chicken and waffles at Screen Door: If you are a brunch person like most Portland natives then Screen Door is the place for you. A few years back this type of dish became very popular for its random combination. It may sound simple to just add fried chicken to a waffle, but no one does it like Screen Door. Address: 2337 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97232
  5. Lemon Souffle Cake at MÅURICE: Some of you may have herd of Chef Kristin Murray’s little pastry and eatery MÅURICE, for it has received fame around the nation for its small menu of delights. Her Lemon Souffle has the perfect balance between sweet and sour, cake and pudding, is a prime example of her expertise in cooking. Address: 921 SW Oak St, Portland, OR 97205

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